July 13th 1985

July 13th 1985

We are still in sight of the Greatest Year Known to Music but
however strong the power of love
you can’t hold on
when the race towards space rips you away from the shore and
blasts you downwards.

It’s quite the event; nothing like this has ever been seen
or heard
before. Are you watching?

Did you know we have this power? The power to reach around the globe?
The power to circumvent God’s mischief?
The power to reprieve
one life; three lives; two million lives:
for the day

and simultaneously swig synthetic lager
and gurn on your muckers’ shoulders
and forever search for your likeness on the indistinct blurred footage of
this day.

But we were in the blistering
car, all day
in the race to reach the hospital
within the space of his remaining breath

and we were too late

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